Graduate Admission Essays

Posted on June 16, 2017 By

Writing an essay is a tough task. When it is for admission purpose then the difficulty or challenge is doubled. These are your only way of creating an impression and getting an admission in the Graduate School of your choice. But there is no need to panic. Here are some handy tips which will help you in pursuing your dream.

How will your prepare yourself for writing these admission essays?

As this essay is an introduction of yourself, you have to be honest while writing it. Mention about every aspects of you. Your aim, achievements, failures, special attributes, strong part of your character must be focused. This is just an introductory step. The next step is writing on a topic given in your entrance exam.

How can you write an unique essay for your admission test?

This essay is your only way of grabbing the attention of the admission board. You have to make it unique and of good quality so that you will be the first choice of the selection committee. These are some tips to do it.

  • First and foremost task would be to choose the correct topic. Choose topics in which you have ample information to put.
  • After selecting a topic go through it and make a virtual framework in your mind. Always keep in mind to be very specific to the topic.
  • The first attention grabbing element is the title. It should be very catchy. You have to write it in such a way that your examiner will be forced to look through it.
  • Then give a brief but informative introduction. The introduction is the guide to the body of the essay. It should give a brief summary of the main topic.
  • The body of the essay should be nicely framed. It should have a natural flow. It should be embedded with relevant information in proper logical order.
  • A proper conclusion is a must. It should be an interesting way of wrapping up the entire topic. It should be written in such a manner that the reader ends it on a sweet note.
  • The most vital part of this process of writing is revision. You have to continuously revise your writing. This reduces the possibility of making grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.